FNGLA showcases Florida’s unique horticulture industry with 2011 Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition

January 20, 2011

Florida’s agriculture industry is unique in many ways due to the state’s varying climate allowing for the production of over 280 different commodities, from the hay fields in Escambia County to the specialty fruits grown in Miami-Dade. However, perhaps the facet of the industry most unique to Florida is its availability and quality of tropical plants and foliage in nurseries around the state.


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The Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association (FNGLA) is the state’s oldest and largest association focused on the needs of the environmental horticulture industry. Although FNGLA has a long history in Florida, the member-driven organization is committed to meeting the needs of the growing, changing industry. FNGLA members and professionals are on the cutting edge of their field, especially in regards to tropical plants.

This week (Jan. 19-21), FNGLA is hosting the Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition in Fort Lauderdale. The theme of thisyear’s event is “Setting the Trend with V.I.P.s – Very Important Plants.” With over 200,000 square feet showcasing tropical plants, foliage, flowers, industry exhibits and short courses, this indoor virtual garden is one experience you don’t want to miss. If you’re a wholesale buyer, this is an opportunity to have access to the biggest variety of resources for tropical foliage and plants in the nation.

Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition Banner Ad

FNGLA’s Tropical Plant Industry Exhibition is setting new trends with tropical plants important to Florida and its horticulture industry.

Awesome plants, industry resources and a few days in sunny South Florida? This sounds like a no-brainer for plant industry professionals. This event is sure to highlight Florida’s ability to set exciting, new trends for the tropical horticulture industry, and also prove just how important Florida’s V.I.P.s are to the state. Drop by the DPI booth and visit with one of our plant inspectors, to learn more about how the division protects Florida’s horticulture industry.

Tropical Nursery (Palms)

Florida is home to a wide variety of tropical plants available in nurseries throughout the state.

Greenhouse and nursery products are Florida’s leading agricultural commodity in terms of cash receipts and exports. In 2008, cash receipts for Florida’s greenhouse and nursery products totaled $1.8 billion. Those in tune with popular culture know Peter Parker’s famous line from the movie, Spiderman: “With great power comes great responsibility.” As a booming industry with an international impact, professionals involved in Florida’s horticulture community have the power and responsibility to protect the resources that support the greenhouse and nursery products it markets. As Floridians, and therefore stakeholders in those resources, consumers share that responsibility by having the power to make sure to only purchase plants from registered nurseries and to follow state and federal policy and regulations for moving plants and plant parts within and across state lines. Florida is a sentinel state for plant pests and diseases, and it is imperative that we all do our part to protect Florida’s resources, as well as the industries, like horticulture, that have a large economic impact for the state.

For more information, visit http://www.fl-dpi.com, or call DPI’s Helpline at 888-397-1517.

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