Weed of the Month: Old World or Small Leaf Climbing Fern

January 21, 2011

January Weed of the Month: Old World Climbing Fern

The Old World Climbing Fern

Similar to last month’s Weed of the Month, Japanese climbing fern, this invasive species covers native vegetation, including trees, and can serve as a ladder for fire to climb into the forest canopy. The Old World climbing fern is an agricultural pest in Asia, and is classified as a noxious weed in Florida and Alabama. It is present throughout the Florida peninsula and can usually be found in wet areas, and windborne spores from this fern remain viable for up to four years after they are released. This fern has an unusual twining habit and fronds grow to about 100 feet.

Learn more by visiting the Weed of the Month page in the Botany Section of the DPI website.

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