Save the Endangered Honey Bear!

January 31, 2011

Save the Endangered Honey Bear
Image credit: http://www.honey.com

What a poor little lonely honey bear sitting all by itself in the pantry. To send the honey bear some love, the National Honey Board is implementing a campaign to “Save the Endangered Honey Bear.” Although honey is a natural sweetener, many Americans choose processed sweeteners instead. According to the campaign’s website, the sweet facts about honey are that it can be used not only as a sweetener, but also as an energy booster, skin toner with moisturizing properties, recipe enhancer and throat soother. It sounds like the honey bear is too sweet of a friend to not keep around the kitchen. With the “Save the Endangered Honey Bear” campaign, the National Honey Board hopes to encourage consumers to start using honey for its culinary and health benefits.

Check out the “Save the Endangered Honey Bear” campaign website and follow the National Honey Board for more information.

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