Mikania micrantha is fast growing in environment and noxious weed lists

March 15, 2011

Mikania micrantha

Mikania micrantha

The invasive weed Mikania micrantha is nicknamed mile-a-minute because of its fast growth habits, and rightly so. Also known as Chinese creeper and bittervine, this invasive weed can grow almost half a meter per week in optimal conditions. It thrives in Florida’s warm, humid environment, especially in the Redlands area where it has been detected for the first time in the continental United States.

As a rapidly growing climbing vine, it can smother and overwhelm other small plants and even large trees. Left uncontrolled, it can cover abandoned disturbed areas in only a few months, and then spill over into agricultural and natural areas. It has been documented as a pest in banana, cacao, coconut, oil palm, rubber and rice plantations. Mikania micrantha is one of the top one hundred global invasive pests.

 Check out our Flickr album for more Mikania micrantha photos. If you think you have seen this plant, please call 888-397-1517. 

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