Pledge an Act of Green: Support Local Beekeepers

April 22, 2011

Beekeeping in Florida contributes a $3.3 million impact to the state’s economy, and for every dollar of honey produced in the state, $150 is generated in crop pollination services. Beekeepers are not only good for the economy, but also for the environment. Florida is an Africanized honey bee state, which means that the invasive insect is established in the state. It is the state’s policy to support managed bee hives to reduce the spread of Africanized honey bees around the state. Local beekeepers have managed hives and help keep a pulse on the health of the state’s bee population. Lauren Der, an agricultural communication student at the University of Florida, wrote the article below, which gives insight to the importance of beekeeping. You can help support local beekeepers by monitoring for Africanized honey bees and reporting wild bee hives to DPI at 888-397-1517. You can also purchase local honey from beekeepers. In honor of Earth Day, we challenge you to support local beekeepers as you Pledge an Act of Green. For more information about Florida’s apiary industry visit our website or related blog posts. To learn more about Earth Day, visit http://www.earthday.org.

See Lauren’s article here:

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