Weed of the Month: Sessile joyweed or dwarf copperleaf

April 25, 2011

Family: Amaranthaceae, the Amaranth Family

Distinguishing Characteristics: This is a perennial herb with stems that are sometimes erect, but usually creep along the soil and produce roots at the nodes. The stems can be lined with vertical rows of whitish hairs. The leaves are simple, opposite, hairless, with no teeth along the margin, narrowly oval to oblong, blunt or pointed at the tip, two to four inches long and less than an inch wide. The flowers are white, with a paper-like texture, and are borne in dense, rounded, clover-like heads in the leaf axils. The sessile flower heads are about a half-inch long and wide. The dry fruits, called utricles, remain attached to the flower tepals until the mature fruit is exerted beyond their tips. More…

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