Cinco de Mayo: Celebrate for a Cause

May 5, 2011

The fifth of May is a day where people break out their taco shells, queso and guacamole to not only commemorate the Mexican victory over France in 1862, but also to celebrate Mexican pride, heritage and, let’s not forget, food. DPI employees will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo today at our annual Spring Luncheon, and we encourage you to join us in celebrating this holiday, but doing so for a cause.

Laurel wilt is a serious disease that impacts trees of the Laurel family, including redbay, sassafras and avocado. The avocado industry in Florida has a local economic impact of $13 million. This disease is spread by the redbay ambrosia beetle, an invasive insect to Florida’s environment. The redbay ambrosia beetle can be transported, often unknowingly, around the state in unprocessed wood products like firewood.

In order to educate the general public about laurel wilt and the redbay ambrosia beetle, DPI launched its Save the Guac campaign. Avocados and guacamole are staple dishes during Cinco de Mayo festivities, and we encourage you to keep this campaign in mind while you celebrate. However, your participation with Save the Guac doesn’t have to end with Cinco de Mayo. You can share the message of the Save the Guac campaign by telling your friends and family about the dangers of transporting unprocessed wood products that can harbor invasive insects like the redbay ambrosia beetle. You can watch for signs of laurel wilt on your trees. You can purchase avocado and other host trees from registered nurseries only. Finally, you can purchase firewood locally and burn it all on site.

To learn more about Save the Guac, laurel wilt and the redbay ambrosia beetle, please visit http://www.SavetheGuac.com. You’ll even have the opportunity check out great guac recipes and sign up to receive a free Save the Guac bumper sticker!

Happy Cinco de Mayo from all of us at DPI! We hope that you join us in celebrating for a cause.

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