Can you imagine a world without plants? We can’t. Join in celebrating Plant Conservation Day!

May 17, 2011

The important role plants play in stabilizing and regulating the environment is no secret. Plants help keep the world’s climate temperate, purify water, and prevent soil erosion. Plants not only provide aesthetics, but also the basis for human survival as food, shelter, medicine, clothing and even fuel. Plants contribute to biodiversity and sustainability. Plants also serve as a large component of Florida’s economy as part of the agriculture industry from fruit production to horticultural services.

You can make a difference in conserving plants by getting involved with Plant Conservation Day, which is celebrated on May 18. Check out the ideas and resources from the Plant Conservation website. From taking a plant tour to simply talking about the issues facing plants, you can contribute to the cause. Have ideas? Let us know on Twitter. DPI’s Twitter handle is @FL_DPI.

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