New Pest Alert: Jaimaican Citrus Pest

August 4, 2011

Exophthalmus similis Drury (Coleoptera: Curculionidae), a Jamaican citrus pest newly discovered in the Bahamas

Photography credit: Suzanne Wainwright-Evans

Reggae music isn’t the only infectious thing to emerge from Jamaica. A Jamaican citrus pest was recently discovered in the Bahamas.

DPI has released a new pest alert on the strikingly colored weevil known as Exophthalmus similis Drury. Two specimens were collected June 15 by Suzanne Wainwright-Evans on Paradise Island, an islet off the coast of New Providence Island, near the city of Nassau. The weevils, ranging in size from 15-31 mm – quite large for an insect of its kind – were feeding on a seagrape tree. Its presence on New Providence places it two-thirds closer to Florida than it was in Jamaica, and reveals the existence of a pathway for its movement.

Click here to see the entire pest alert from DPI.

For more information, call the Plant Industry Helpline at 888-397-1517, or call the Citrus Health Response Program at 800-282-5153.


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