Monday Menu: Red, White & Blue

July 2, 2012

What’s on your Monday Menu? Today, we are serving up a big slice of Patriotism using Fresh from Florida ingredients (of course). Agriculture is the longest standing and one of the most impactful American traditions. This 4th of July, celebrate the independence of our nation and all of its wonderful traditions with a burst of patriotic colors throughout your festivities. Enjoy the red, white and blue on your plate with various Florida products. Here is a great link for the typical harvest times of Florida produce, so you can see what colorful items are in season this month.

Take a look at the menu that we have prepared for this special occasion with Florida produce:

Red Pepper, White Button Mushroom, & Blue Potato Salad Kabobs: This makes my mouth water. What a perfect display for the 4th and a healthy side dish or main course for you and your guests (only 340 calories). And red peppers and mushrooms are conveniently in season and available here in the Sunshine State – don’t you just love Florida’s agricultural diversity? Blue potatoes are primarily grown in the Northwest, but can easily be substituted for traditional red potatoes in this recipe (still holding strong to those Patriotic roots, literally).

Nothing says ‘America’ like a bacon cheeseburger. This All-American Bacon Cheeseburger will not leave you or your guests hungry. Provide a display of fresh veggies to top off the burger, like tomatoes, romaine lettuce and onions. My favorite addition to a burger is fresh avocado – great to use as a substitute for high calorie mayo. Remember how I reminded you all to not move firewood in your holiday travels? That tip was to help protect this important Florida crop. Avocado trees are affected by laurel wilt, a disease that is spread by the Redbay Amrosia Beetle, often as a result of moving firewood and trees. DPI is running a Save the Guac campaign to protect Florida’s avocado industry. Learn more and do your part to help Save the Guac.

Now for a bit of something sweet – the Red,White ‘n’ Blue Salad. Fresh berries are just the perfect treat to pull out the blue, and even red, hues that you are looking for. Try this salad for a festive treat at your Independence Day celebration. This yummy recipe calls for fresh blueberries – if you’re lucky, you may be able to catch the tail end of Florida’s seasonal blueberries at your local grocery store. Add a few fresh raspberries and gelatin, and you have yourself a berry-licious holiday treat. 

Face it boys & girls, it just isn’t the 4th of July without a juicy slice of watermelon. That being said, feast your eyes on this display of patriotism – Watermelon Star Cake. This simple, healthy recipe is a creative twist on the traditional summertime treat. Packed full of vitamins A, B6 and C, not to mention that powerful antioxidant called lycopene, watermelon is the perfect way to complete your Independence Day celebration – filling you up, not out. Watermelon is surely available at your local grocers. Be on the lookout for the last of the Florida harvest, and mark your calendar for the next fall crop in November.

Well one thing is for sure, we will not be going hungry here at DPI on the 4th of July. Please share with us your yummy Independence Day treats using Florida products and have a wonderful 4th!


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