GALS By The Numbers

September 5, 2012

The index below demonstrates the threat posed by the presence of the giant African land snail in Miami-Dade County and the progress that has been made toward the eradicating the pest from Florida since its discovery in September 2011. The snail has been detected in 18 core areas; a core is a one-mile arc drawn around a find. Look for regular updates on the GALS program. We welcome comments and inquiries.



Giant African Land Snail by the Numbers

As of August 30, 2012

September 8, 2011: Date the giant African land snail was discovered in Miami

500: Number of agricultural crops known to be consumed by the snail

8” x 4”: Maximum size attained by the species

Nine: Maximum years in life span of individuals

1,200: Number of eggs an adult can lay in one year

78,000: Number of GALS found since September 8, 2011

18: Current number of core areas where the snail has been found in Miami-Dade County

350: Number of properties on which snails have been found

36,105: Number of properties within a ½ mile arc of positive properties

Nine +: Number of years it took to eradicate the snail after it was found in Florida in 1966

17,000: Total number of snails collected in the 1966-1975 eradication program

$1 million: Cost of that eradication (in 1960s dollars)

2.6 Million: Estimated expenditure since Sept. 8, 2011 on the current eradication effort

One: Number of successful GALS eradication programs on record

1-888-397-1517: Number of the Division of Plant Industry toll-free helpline



SOURCE: Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Division of Plant Industry.


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