Giant African Land Snail by the Numbers

September 18, 2012

Giant African Land Snail by the Numbers

As of September 18, 2012

September 8, 2011: Date the giant African land snail was discovered in Miami

500: Number of agricultural crops known to be consumed by the snail

8” x 4”: Maximum size attained by the species

Nine: Maximum years in life span of individuals

1,200: Number of eggs an adult can lay in one year

80,000: Number of GALS found since September 8, 2011

18: Current number of core areas where the snail has been found in Miami-Dade County

350: Number of properties on which snails have been found

36,105: Number of properties within a ½ mile arc of positive properties

Nine +: Number of years it took to eradicate the snail after it was found in Florida in 1966

17,000: Total number of snails collected in the 1966-1975 eradication program:

$1   million: Cost of that eradication (in 1960s dollars)

2.6 Million: Estimated expenditure since Sept. 8, 2011 on the current eradication effort

One: Number of successful GALS eradication programs on record

1-888-397-1517: Number of the Division of Plant Industry toll-free helpline




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