Florida Feast of Thanks Predates Pilgrims’ by 50 Years

November 19, 2012

According to some historians, the first feast of thanks took place in St. Augustine in 1565, more than 50 years before what most of us were taught was the first Thanksgiving. In St. Augustine, the Spanish settlers shared food and fellowship with the Timucuans of Florida. Rather than the traditional sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie, the menu likely featured pork, deer, mullet, oysters, beans and squash. Regardless of where the first Thanksgiving occurred, the time-honored tradition of giving thanks began as a celebration of the opportunities derived from the bounty of our land.

Next week, families and loved ones will gather together to continue this tradition. The cooks of the family will prepare generations-old recipes using American meats, fruits and vegetables, as well as seafood from our coastal waters. 

The department encourages you to incorporate Fresh From Florida fruits, vegetables and seafood when preparing your holiday feasts. Chef Justin Timineri has developed numerous recipes using Fresh From Florida products we recommend. Click here for Chef Justin’s Thanksgiving recipes. We hope you have a happy and blessed holiday!  

(From Commissioner Putnam’s weekly newsletter)


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