Our Team Reminds Boaters: “Don’t Pack a Pest”

February 19, 2013

The "Don't Pack a Pest" team ready to greet attendees at the Miami boat show. (Photo courtesy Gordon Bonn)

Ready to greet attendees at the Miami boat show are (L-R) Nury Marrone and Phellicia Perez, FDACS-DPI, and John Caruso and Meg Raabe, USDA. (Photo courtesy Gordon Bonn, FDACS,-DPI)

While the “Don’t Pack a Pest” traveler’s campaign concentrates heavily on reminding international airline and cruise line passengers of the importance of declaring agricultural articles in luggage, we want all international travelers to get the message. The goal to to keep exotic, invasive pests from entering the country.

This week Members of our “Don’t Pack a Pest” partnership visited with and offered material to hundreds of boating enthusiasts at the Miami International Boat Show and Strictly Sail. Some of them came face-to-face with hard-working beagle agricultural detector dogs who, like Linus, our poster-dog,  seek out contraband daily at international airports. 


Aileen Soto with her canine partner, Barro and Kathleen Amezquita with her partner, Pepper, remind attendees at the Miami Boat Show to avoid bringing invasive pests and diseases into the U.S. In short, “Don’t Pack a Pest.” (Photo courtesy Gordon Bonn, FDACS-DPI)

If you visited our booth, feel free to comment. If not, perhaps we’ll see you at the boat show next year. 


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