VIVA 500: History of Strawberries in Florida

February 19, 2013

Print Article Courtesy of Florida Strawberry Growers Association:

Strawberries have been popular throughout recorded history. References date back to 200 B.C., and the fruit has always been considered special. So how did this rare and seasonal “June bearing” novelty become a mainstream commercial fruit available in your grocery store year-round?

strawberry pic

The wild strawberry of North America is still considered one of the best flavors in the world. As early as 1534 settlers took plants from Quebec back to Paris and gardeners at Versailles Palace worked for over 100 years to develop larger berries for the King and the elite of France.

However the big botanical breakthrough happened in 18th Century Europe when Spanish explorers brought large berries discovered in Chile back to Europe to breed with the tiny wild Virginia strawberry with the intense flavor. Without such human intervention, the flavorful, big red strawberries we eat today would never have developed!Henry_Bradley_Plant-253x300

In 1843, farmers near Cincinnati, Ohio began shipping fruit commercially with the boxes packed in ice. River transport provided distribution from Pittsburgh to New Orleans, but strawberries remained an expensive seasonal specialty – usually only available in June.

Following the Civil War, the steamship and railroad industry expanded rapidly. One of the big industrialists in the Southeast was Henry Plant. As part of his transportation network, he built a large resort hotel in Tampa, FL as a winter playground for the wealthy to enjoy hunting, fishing, and the beaches.

field picHe noticed the farm community 25 miles away was producing strawberries in the dead of winter. Being a smart businessman (and railroad owner), Mr. Plant built a rail spur to the fields. This not only provided a unique winter treat for his hotel guests – it allowed the farmers access to interstate rail distribution.

Soon the farms were shipping crates of strawberries in ice-cooled rail cars to stores and restaurants from Atlanta to New York. Florida winter strawberries became a commercial success, and the farm town was renamed Plant City in Henry Plant’s honor.

strawberry recipePlant City, Florida farmers produce over 200 million pounds of one of America’s most popular berries from November through April. Technology today allows for cities including Chicago, Kansas City, and Montreal to receive strawberries in less than three days from harvest.

Look for the Florida label in your supermarket and enjoy the taste of summer all winter long! Check out this great Fresh from Florida salad of strawberries, avocados, and honey! http://www.florida-agriculture.com/consumers/fnr/recipes/Fruit-5048.html


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