Volunteer Opportunity: Train on Marketing Greenhouse Products in Dominican Republic

June 12, 2013

FDACS/DPI is posting this information as a service to FAVACA, the Florida Association for Volunteer Action in the Caribbean, Florida’s international volunteer agency



FAVACA is searching for an expert to travel to the Dominican Republic to provide training on marketing for greenhouse vegetables and fruits. The volunteer should have experience in developing long term production and marketing plans for greenhouse produced vegetables and orchard grown avocados.  Previous experience in developing local and international markets for vegetables and fruits is highly desired.

While in the Dominican Republic the volunteer will:

  • Assess the marketing situation of vegetables produced by the association of greenhouse producers in San Jose de Ocoa and avocados growers in the region of Padre las Casas (market analysis).
  • Identified best practices in developing markets linkages for local and export markets.
  • Train farmers and technicians in developing markets linkages.
  • Identify local buyers and US wholesalers, distributors, and retail buyers interested in contracting purchases for avocados and vegetables produced in greenhouses.

The partner organization in the Dominican Republic is requesting the volunteer expert to travel for 14 days from July 14-28, 2013. Individuals interested in volunteering should submit their current CV to FAVACA at favaca@favaca.org.

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