While honoring Dad this weekend, keep these tips in mind!

June 14, 2013


This weekend, families across the nation join together to celebrate Father’s Day. Family BBQs, camping trips, and fun in the sun tend to go hand-in-hand with this special day!

Linus suitcase

Linus, CBP Detector Dog

Another common tradition for this holiday is travel. If you are traveling to visit the main men in your life, please remember “Don’t Pack a Pest!” Be sure to declare all agricultural items in your luggage when you travel internationally, because they may be harboring species which are non-native to your destination. Non-native species can become invasive and harm the native plants and animals; they may also use up resources needed by native species, hindering native populations. You can avoid introducing these potentially invasive species by leaving agricultural souvenirs behind. Rather than bringing the family a hibiscus back from Hawaii, pick them up a nice coffee cup instead. It is too risky to transport plants, fruit, veggies, and other agricultural items from one state to another – not to mention illegal. Here is a list of what not to carry when traveling state-to-state and internationally.


Use local firewood only

Planning a fun camping trip with Dad? Hosting a get together in your backyard around a fire pit? Remember don’t move firewood! Use local firewood only. Do not transport firewood from other parts of Florida or other states because destructive pests and diseases such as redbay ambrosia beetle and laurel wilt can hitchhike into Florida on infested firewood.

While you’re enjoying the weekend with family and friends to celebrate Father’s Day, try whipping up a few healthy and festive recipes Dad will love using local Florida produce! These creations are sure to be a hit at any family gathering.

Grilled Florida shrimp with mango and orange barbeque sauce grilled-fla-shrimp-with-mango-and-orange-bbq-sauce1

Peppercorn crusted Florida tuna steak with sweet potato friesPeppercorn-Crusted-Florida-Tuna-Steak-with-Sweet-Potato-Fries-1024x910

For more Fresh From Florida recipes like these, visit http://www.thefloridachef.com/


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