Wacky Wednesday: Colorful and Curvy, Dragon Fruit’s a Fun Addition to Tropical Menus

July 10, 2013

Mary at Brooks Tropicals in South Florida introduces us to dragon fruit. Although its coloring reminds us of tie-died T-shirts from a by-gone era, she assures us it is a team player. “Its role in the dish may change depending on what it’s paired with and how long it’s been sitting (chilling, of course),” she said.

So as we celebrate Wacky Wednesday here at FDACS/DPI, we invite you to discover this colorful newcomer that entered South Florida’s tropical fruit scene when it was imported from Vietnam about five years ago.

by Mary Ostlund at Brooks Tropicals

(There’s more about dragon fruit and other tropical fruits here.)


The delicate flavor of dragon fruit has been described as a combination of kiwi, watermelon and pear.

Don’t let the wild color and curvy petals fool you – dragon fruit opens up to reveal a light refreshing inside. Perfect for topping summer salads and (can’t resist a reference to its spotted appearance) serving Cruella de Vil in a Dalmatian sequel.

Dragon fruit’s taste is hard to describe; a combination of kiwi, watermelon, and pear comes to mind.  The New York Times calls it a “celebrity” fruit whose flavor is paradoxically “up for interpretation.” Yet the dragon fruit is being used by chefs and food manufacturers for insertion into new dishes, teas, liquors, and sauces.

As a stand-alone fruit, it’s perfect topping salads, either cubed and tossed on the greens or pureed into a dressing.  A sorbet made out of dragon fruit is refreshing, playing well with a touch of honey.

When paired in a fruit salad with other mild-tasting fruits such as melon, kiwi, or even avocado, dragon fruit can hold its own if served within a day. Still delicious a day later, the dragon fruit acts more as a facilitator among the other fruit flavors. You’d be hard-pressed to single out the fruit. But you’ll like it, attributing the taste to an added sauce.

Toss dragon fruit with the more dominant flavors of papaya and tomatoes, and you’ll get a sweet salsa and a snappy bruschetta, respectively. On day two, the papaya and the tomato in the dishes will dominate.



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