Plant Professionals have new Tools for Identifying Organisms in the Field

November 12, 2013

Android apps are here now; Apple OS apps coming in 2014

Plant Professionals have new Tools for Identifying Organisms in the Field

New, free apps for Android mobile devices are available to Extension agents, inspectors and other plant professionals and anyone else interested in identifying biological organisms in the field, and similar apps for the Apple mobile operating system will be available early in 2014.

Division of Plant Industry

Division of Plant Industry

The Identification Technology Program (USDA/APHIS/ITP) has announced the first release of LucidMobile apps to support plant pest identification for Android smartphones and tablets. The 10 apps are now available for download, at no cost, from Google Play USDA APHIS ITP and will be available for the Apple operating system, via the Apple iTunes website, in early 2014.

The apps were developed by USDA in cooperation with The University of Queensland’s QAAFI Biological Information Technology team (QBIT).

According to a news release from Lucid (http://itp.lucidcentral.org/id/palms/palm-id/index.html), “You can now carry Lucid keys with you into the field on your mobile devices without requiring internet access. Lucid Mobile takes full advantage of all the conventions and functionalities you have grown accustomed to on your mobile device, while supporting the features you value in desktop Lucid keys.”

The ten keys include three for citrus pests and diseases, one for dried botanicals, one for federal noxious weeds, three for palms and palm pests and diseases, one for terrestrial mollusks and one for tortricids (a family of moths of agricultural importance).

The lists of species included in the tools are generated based on scholarly publications as well as data from UF/IFAS, the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Division of Plant Industry, entry interception data from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service and other sources.



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