Year in Review: October brings census of Etonia Rosemary in Putnam County

December 30, 2013

Sol Looker, Environmental Specialist at DPI's Palatka office, counting etonia rosemary

Sol Looker, environmental specialist at DPI’s Palatka office, counts etonia rosemary.

In October 2013, the annual census of Conradina etonia was conducted in Putnam County. The plant, a rare species of shrub in the mint family, common name etonia rosemary, is only known to grow in Putnam County, where it is part of the vegetation that is home to the federally threatened Florida scrub jay.

Personnel from DPI assisted in the annual count, along with members of the Audubon Society, Florida Forest Service, Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and Bok Tower Gardens. The survey involved identifying and flagging each individual plant and then counting.

“We were there to help the Florida Forest Service biologist and land manager,” said Christine Zamora, Region 1 Administrator in the Bureau of Plant and Apiary Inspection. “The final count was 1,802 individual plants, down about 100 from last year, but still a good number.”



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