WaCKy WEdneSDay: Surviving the Cheesepocalyps

January 8, 2014

Laurel wilt, Dade

Florida avocadoes, saviors of the play-off season.

Warnings of a shortage of Velveeta have the on-line world atwitter with some bloggers warning of a “cheesepocalypse.” Kraft Foods, maker of Velveeta, reported the shortage, already noticeable in some east coast groceries, is driven by a “combination of factors,” most notably seasonal high demand spurred generated by the impending National Football league playoffs.
But despair not, you football-loving couch potatoes. You may be bereft of a favorite gooey, cheesy dip ingredient, but you’ll pull through because you will avail yourselves of delicious – and, (dare we say it aloud?) healthier – alternatives based on Florida avocadoes. Fans can press ahead undaunted, reveling in the games and the deliciousness of guacamole and dips featuring Florida avocadoes. Florida avocadoes will provide solid comfort right through the playoffs, to the Superbowl and beyond!

Good news and bad news

The good news is, Florida avocadoes are in season and plentiful. The bad news is our avocado trees remain under attack from laurel wilt. a tree-killing disease caused by a fungus carried by the redbay ambrosia beetle. FDACS DPI launched

Avocado Truffles - Photo belongs to whatscookingamerica.net

Avocado Truffles – Photo belongs to whatscookingamerica.net

the “Save the Guac” program to remind folks to obtain host plants only from registered nurseries and reminding them to use firewood from local sources and never to move firewood. Firewood can transfer harmful insects and diseases, like the redbay ambrosia beetle, endangering avocado and other trees.
Guacamole may be the first avocado snack dish to come to mind, and it’s certainly an easy, delicious option. But you may want to get creative and add some beans and such to make a dip, team avocadoes with chicken and cheese in a wrap, or with Florida corn and tomatoes in a salsa. State Chef Justin Timieri has posted a host of recipes for treats that will turn a stuffy shindig into a feisty fiesta!
Post-game, you and your buds will be hankering for something sweet. Avocado Chocolate Truffle should fill the bill. These bite-size morsels are rich with chocolate and packed with the nutritional value of Florida grown avocados. Top them off with a coat of powdered sugar and your guests will “pick off” these bad boys left and right!
Press on, NFL fans, and let not your hearts be troubled by any impending cheese-food shortage. Florida avocadoes will keep your snack table at the top of its game.


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