Dr. Trevor Smith back from Speaking Tour to Barbados and St. Lucia

May 5, 2014

Dr. Trevor Smith traveled to Barbados in April to deliver a series of public workshops and lectures presenting strategies for the eradication of the giant African land snail (GALS) and other invasive species. As chief of the Bureau of Methods Development and Biological Control, Dr. Smith is a leader of the effort to eradicate the snail from Miami-Dade County. The Public Affairs Section of the U.S. Embassy to Barbados, the Eastern Caribbean and the OECS invited Dr. Smith to Barbados to educate farmers and agricultural officials on the best practices and programs to contain and eradicate the GALS, which pose a serious threat to agriculture and tourism.

Dr. Trevor Smith being interviewed by a TV reporter in St. Lucia during his speaking tour.

Dr. Trevor Smith being interviewed by a TV reporter in St. Lucia during his speaking tour.

“This was a marathon trip with the most packed itinerary I can ever remember having,” said Dr. Smith. “However, I was very well received everywhere I went and each of my lectures led to some great discussion with the audience afterward.”
Upon arriving in Barbados, he was interviewed at the Caribbean Broadcasting Corporation television station, met with senior officials of the Ministry of Agriculture and U.S. Ambassador Larry Palmer, and gave a technical presentation. That evening he gave a public lecture at the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic School to about 100 farmers, students, homeowners, representatives of NGOs and other interested parties. The next day he traveled to St. Lucia for a lecture at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College and a technical presentation to representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Plant and Animal Quarantine, Ministry of Health and other agencies.
“The folks at the U.S. Embassy did an outstanding job of having everything arranged to the very last detail making what could have been an extremely stressful trip into one that was just very busy,” Dr. Smith said.


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