DPI Diary

July 25, 2014

Summarizing our social media posts this week

Laurel wilt remains serious threat

Laurel Wilt Symptoms

This photo illustrates laurel wilt symptoms.

Media reports that laurel wilt disease is killing swamp bay trees in the Everglades prompted us to remind everyone that the fungal disease also threatens redbay and other tree species in the laurel family (Lauraceae)., including the state’s avocado trees. The disease is caused by a fungus (Raffaelea lauricola) that is introduced into host trees by a non-native insect, the redbay ambrosia beetle (Xyleborus glabratus). More information on laurel wilt and the FDACS-DPI “Save the Guac” campaign is available here, on the DPI website.

Four additions to the Noxious Weed List

This week, the addition of four species of plants to Florida’s Noxious Weed List provided an opportunity to explain to our social media followers the significance of the list in protecting our environment from invasive bad actors. Each of the newly added plant species appeared previously as a “Weed of the Month” on our website and is displacing native plants. Learn about the newly listed invasive plants and the significance of the list of noxious weeds here.

In praise of the Florida Citrus Repository

Kudos to the GrowingProduce.com for this article hailing the May opening of the Florida Citrus Repository in LaCrosse. Growing Produce editorialized, “LaCrosse will offer a tremendous service to nurseries, growers, and research facilities.… FDACS DPI is doing what is necessary to position Florida’s citrus industry for long-term success.”

Florida Citrus Repository at LaCrosse

Florida Citrus Repository at LaCrosse


Fresh From Florida will be represented at Orlando show

Our FDACS colleagues at Fresh From Florida are planning a treat for folks who attend the Florida Restaurant and Lodging Show September 7-9 at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando. Attendees will be welcomed at the “Fresh from Florida” pavilion. A number of Fresh From Florida member companies are participating. If you are a member of the “Fresh From Florida” program and are interested in being part of the exhibit, please contact Urban Expositions at www.urban-expo.com.Raising awareness for wildland firefighters

Forest Service teams with Disney

This month the Florida Forest Service  teamed with Disney, sponsoring a short educational video about Forest Service efforts to protect Florida from wildfire, which played just prior to showings of the new movie, “Planes: Fire & Rescue.” Members of the Florida Forest Service greeted guests and demonstrated firefighting equipment at some theaters in Orlando, Tampa and Miami.

Student chefs invited compete in statewide cookoff

calling-all-kid-chefs-cook-off-kicks-offThe Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is searching for student chef ambassadors to promote “Fresh From Florida” recipes and products. Finalists will compete in regional events. Entry requirements:

  • You must be a Florida student going into fourth to the 12th grade.
  • You must create an original recipe and submit with a photo.
  • The recipe must contain one fresh fruit or fresh vegetable.
  • The recipe must have clear directions, provide four snack-size servings and be prepared in 45 minutes or less.
  • Your recipe must promote good nutrition and healthy eating habits.

Deadline to enter is Sept. 15. For more rules and to submit your entry, go to www.FreshFromFlorida.com/Cookoff.



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