DPI Diary

October 3, 2014

DPI Diary

Take a moment to think about firewood

If you haven’t considered getting the camping gear out of the closet and into a Florida state park, you should. Fall weather will knock down those pesky mosquitoes and no-see-ums and cooler evenings will make that camp fire inviting indeed. Just be finicky about where the firewood you use comes from and how you handle it. Best bet: Buy it at or near your campground. If you have a minute, watch our video (http://www.freshfromflorida.com/pi/video/firewood_psa_09.wmv). It includes guidelines for protecting our crops and environment from invasives by following the general advice: “Don’t Move Firewood.” See our latest blog post here. http://wp.me/pVBiK-18e

Meeting and Greeting at The Landscape Show

The Landscape Show is one of the nation’s premier nursery and landscape trade shows. The team representing DPI at the show late last week managed to greet thousands of show-goers, who at times were standing in line to check out our exhibit. Personnel from the Plant Inspection unit based in Apopka and Detector Dog personnel manned a joint DPI-USDA booth that displayed several of the myriad exotic pests that threaten Florida’s native and commercially grown plants and agricultural resources. The display included Don’t Pack a Pest, a partnership administered by FDACS-DPI that includes USDA and U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Don’t pack a Pest encourages international travelers to declare agricultural items in luggage. The Land wp.me/pVBiK-17Z

Congratulations, Belinda Chason

Commissioner Adam H. Purnam announced Belinda G. Chason of Quincy has been named 2010 Woman of the Year in Agriculture. Belinda retired from the Florida Department of Education in 2011 as Director of Career and Technical Education. Since that time she has rejoined the Department of Education as the Director of Educational Initiatives for Career and Adult Education. Kudos, Belinda, for inspiring younger generations to get involved in agriculture. http://southeastagnet.com/2014/09/26/commissioner-putnam-announces-belinda-g-chason-as-2014-woman-of-the-year-in-agriculture/

Sunbelt Expo just two weeks away

Find out when to plant crops, how to can foods safely and how to use paper to pot plants from University of Florida experts at the 37th annual Sunbelt Ag Expo – the largest agricultural exposition in the southeast. Open October 14-16 in Moultrie, Georgia, it draws more than 100,000 people each year. UF/IFAS hosts a permanent building, popular with visitors because of engaging displays and giveaways such as peanuts from the Florida Peanut Growers Association, Florida Orange Juice and many other “Gator Giveaways.”


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