Few Palms are Native to Florida

October 30, 2014

The palm tree ranks, with sun, sand and citrus, among the iconic symbols of the state of Florida. Our state tree, appropriately enough, is the cabbage palm, Sabal palmetto. It is a Florida native, a distinction shared by only 10 other varieties out of the approximately 2,600 palm varieties that exist worldwide. (Sabal x miamiensis, or Miami palmetto, is sometimes listed as a Florida native, but it is rare or extinct. Some experts classify it with Sabal etonia, the scrub palmetto.)


Sabal palmetto, or cabbage palm, Florida’s official state tree.

Here is the list of Florida’s native palms with links to their photos:

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Division of Plant Industry contributed to the development of this set of tools (http://idtools.org/index.php?keyword=palms&category=1) to help identify commonly cultivated palms, the pests and diseases that can affect them and symptoms of plant diseases and disorders.

You can find a fact sheet with photos for all listed palms here: http://idtools.org/id/palms/palmid/index.php

Experts from FDACS-DPI also contributed to the development of the free Palm ID app, available for iphone and android devices. The app provides keys to identifying palms.



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