DPI Diary 2015

January 9, 2015

What’s new via social media from FDACS-DPI

This is our first DPI Diary entry of the new year, and it’s unabashedly canine-centric. Two Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services agricultural detector dogs made their way into our social media posts. One is retiring after an illustrious career; the other is continuing to recuperate from an injury, with the assistance of the University of Florida vet school.


Lexus is ready to become a member of the family with handler Karen Holton.

Lexus retiring

Lexus is the retiree we blogged about. A valued member of the detector dog team in central Florida, she will join the family of her handler, Karen Holton, as a valued companion. You can read about Lexus and her contributions to the protection of Florida agriculture against invasive pests and diseases from other areas here. Note that each interception is valued at between $5 and $10 million. That’s money not spent for eradication and control!

Look for posts next month from Karen as she joins up with a new detector dog for training at the USDA trainnig facility in Georgia.

Jammer recuperating

Attention! A working dog, after all, Jammer sits at attention for Jennifer.

Attention! A working dog, after all, Jammer sits at attention for Jennifer after surgery at UF.

Jammer is the other detector dog in the news. He had the misfortune of tearing a ligament while playing in his exercise area after work one day in October. The injury failed to heal, so he was brought to the University of Florida School of Veterinary Medicine this week to have a joint fused. He emerged in great spirits – he has golden retriever genes, after all – and is recuperating with his handler in Miami. Read that much-viewed story here.

It’s winter, after all

Most of the country is shivering this week and conditions were none too warm by our standards in central and north Florida, either. A few flakes of snow were spotted in the north Florida community of Jay, according to a Jacksonville TV station. We are reminding producers about the valuable, real-time weather data available from FAWN, the Florida Agricultural Weather Network, a partner of FDACS. Producers can access live weather updates, frost-freeze warnings, irrigation indications and forecasts, on-line and via mobile devices through available apps. Check in with FAWN here: http://fawn.ifas.ufl.edu/

. . . and finally, a boast post passed along by Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam via Facebook, with the comment: “One more reason to love Florida.”


Nuff said!



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