DPI Diary

February 20, 2015

HLB Meeting 2015_3D Trapping Poster 1

Go figure. Can 3-D printing fight citrus greening?

One FDACS-DPI activity very much in the news this week was the psyllid traps our citrus greening researchers are creating using 3-D printing technology. Dr. Trevor Smith demonstrated the traps at the International Conference on HLB which was held last week in Orlando (see above).

We know how to localize a story

Beagle puppy 1Miss P. the Beagle won Best in Show the prestigious Westminster dog show this week, and so we congratulated her. We couldn’t help but talk about another famous beagle, namely Linus, the agricultural detector dog who is the face for the Don’t Pack a Pest travelers program, and the detector dogs that serve in the ranks of DPI, protecting Florida agriculture.

DPAP postcard

Just what you’d expect for Throwback Thursday: A bit of DPI history

Throwback Thursday reprised the role Newell Hall on the University of Florida campus has played in the history of FDACS-DPI. It is named after Wilmon E Newell, the first Plant Commissioner for the Florida State Plant Board, the predecessor of the Florida Department of the FDACS Division of Plant Industry. Newell Hall has been unused and vacant for years, but is due for renovation beginning this fall.

 Gents feeding ladies . . . and something fishy about our apiary crew


A pre-Valentine’s Day event delighted the ladies of DPI, as some of the men cooked and served a delicious lunch for them. Then this week, the folks in our Apiary section fired up the cookers and invited us all to a Wednesday fish fry. Both events benefited the Florida State Employees Charitable Campaign.

Cuba alarmed over presents of “rat-sized snails”

The giant African land snail can grow to be up to eight inches long.

The giant African land snail can grow to be up to eight inches long.

Giant African land snails are reported to be invading Cuba. Once established, they are expected to thrive and Cuban officials are sounding the alarm, and we can certainly empathize. Fox News came to DPI’s Public Information Director Denise Feiber for comment. That’s appropriate. She has been talking to the media about our program to eradicate the snails from South Florida since they were discovered in residential areas there in 2011. See her comments here.


A week of reaching out


Tracy Wright and Theresa Estok were among the Plant Inspection representatives staffing the FDACS-DPI booth at the FNGLA Trade Show in Jacksonville.

Division employees reached out to the public recently at the Miami Boat Show, the Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscapers Association trade show in Jacksonville and the Florida State Fair. We also passed along a reminder from the Strawberry Festival, which opens its doors February 26 and lasts until March 1. Gate admission gives you access to exhibits, competitions, livestock shows, arts and crafts and free entertainment.

Lowest form of humor draws highest number of views

WienermobileDamageOur top post of the week has us scratching our heads. Here’s how it went:

We learn from our Facebook feed that a Wienermobile (a famous hotdog-shaped vehicle sponsored by a well-known wiener manufacturer with the initials OM) was damaged after it skidded on icy roads in Pennsylvania. 
Commenters said it wasn’t the “wurst” accident they had witnessed. But one said …

…wait for it

“I never sausage a mess.”

Yes, folks. This silly little post reached about four times the audience of anything else we posted this week. Is anyone else surprised at that?




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