Kojak Joins DPI Canine Force

March 3, 2015


Classic Kojak


Karen and Kojak, ready to begin work at shipping hubs in the Tampa area.

New detector dog joins DPI

You may remember Kojak from 1970s television as a burly, bald, brash New York City police lieutenant who went at his job — and lollipops —  with gusto.

The Kojak who joins the DPI Detector Dog team in Tampa this week is six years old and is, like Telly Savalis, brawny. He weighs in at 76  pounds. He is decidedly not bald and we haven’t asked him how he feels about lollipops.

Like his fictional namesake, Kojak is already an experienced detective, having worked as a detector dog in California for two years before relocating to the USDA training center in Newnan, Ga. He and DPI Dog Handler Karen Holton have just completed over a month training together there.

“On March 6  we welcomed Kojak into the Detector Dog program in Tampa where he and Karen will begin working together at the Tampa  mail sorting facilities,” said Dr. Serena Stornaiuolo, Environmental Supervisor II for the DPI Detector Dog Program. “They certified with a score of 15/15 on February 27.”

Kojak is reported to be a little shy. He loves all toys, but tennis balls are probably his favorite.  He has bonded well with Karen and he enjoys riding in her van. They are looking forward to working together. We’re looking forward to following his career.



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