Throwback Thursday: She Looks Familiar, No?

April 2, 2015


Our mystery 4-H member poses with K-9 Conrad and the Miami police officer who trained and ended up teaming with the dog she fostered for her 4-H project.


Today, we’re featuring a FDACS-DPI employee who fondly remembers fostering Conrad, a German shepherd puppy that, in 1969, became a member of the City of Miami Police Department’s K-9 corps. Conrad was only one of the four dogs in the 4-H program selected for attack training. Be the first to identify this proud 4-H alumna via comment to this post and be the proud recipient of a coveted Don’t Pack a Pest T-shirt.


CLUE 2: Our featured 4-H member stands second from left.

Be the first to correctly identify our celebrity 4-H member by posting a comment to our Facebook post or to this blog entry and win a coveted Don’t Pack a Pest t-shirt!



2 Responses to “Throwback Thursday: She Looks Familiar, No?”

  1. Debra Martinez is the person with the Germen Shepard

  2. Wayland Smith Says:

    Debra Martinez

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