DPI Diary

May 1, 2015

Saving the Guac, bolstering beekeeping, capturing coneheads . . . just a few of the alliterative activities our social media team highlighted this week.

Save the Guac campaign takes center stage

savetheguaciconcopyThe Florida Department of Agriculture’s “Save the Guac” campaign leapt into the news this week with wide media distribution of an AP story about FDACS-sponsored research at Florida Internatioanl University that indicates detector dogs and unmanned aircraft can be teamed to protect commercial avocado production from laurel wilt disease, which is transmitted by the redbay ambrosia beetle. You can read about the research that is causing all the excitement in our blog post, here:

Beekeeper certification program giving inmates a second chance

A successful program by FDACS and the Florida Department of Corrections is getting attention. Volunteers are teaching inmates about beekeeping, and Leah Shields of WUFT in Gainesville did a fine job of summarizing the program in this video.

Helpline caller leads FDACS teams to discover new GALS infestation

Giant African land snail

Giant African land snail

Teams from FDACS-DPI are working to eradicate a new infestation of giant African land snails (GALS) from an area in Cutler Ridge. The find resulted from a call to our Helpline (1-888-397-1517) from an alert member of the public who was prompted by an FDACS billboard to report suspect snails. The invasive GALS have now been confirmed in 29 core areas of Miami-Dade and Broward counties. More information about the invasive snail and efforts to eradicate here.

“Don’t Pack a Pest” vehicle

DPAPCar1May15This week the Division of Plant Industry added a snazzy, freshly wrapped vehicle to our fleet to promote the Don’t Pack a Pest program, an international partnership that is reminding travelers to declare agricultural products in luggage to avoid transferring invasive pests, plants and diseases. Wave when you see it on Florida’s highways and byways.

Commissioner Putnam calls Publix “top partner”

PublixFlorida Commissioner Adam H. Putnam announced Publix has partnered with FDACS’s “Fresh From Florida” campaign for a record 1 million store ads. Since joining the “Fresh From Florida” retail program, Publix has supported products through circular advertising, in-store displays, and this year has featured special promotions for Florida citrus and social media marketing for Florida sweet corn. And by the way, now is prime time to enjoy that Florida sweet corn. Delicious!

Conehead termites infesting Dania Beach

Teams from FDACS were working this week to control an outbreak of conehead termines after it was found in several trees at a residence near the intersection of Griffin Road and I-95 in Dania Beach. We guided social media followers to CBS 12’s coverage. http://www.cbs12.com/news/top-stories/stories/vid_25415.shtml

You can help fight citrus diseases

Florida’s citrus industry is fighting back hard against citrus greening disease, or HLB. There are certain things the public can do to help, and we invite you to view this short video. https://t.co/D4ZVb7vTmU

Sweet song about honey bee farmers

We contributed to the buzz about honey bee farmers by posting a link to a well-done song dedicated to bee keepers. Enjoy.

The month of May has us dancing

MorrisDancersA troupe of Morris Dancers greeted employees at the Division of Plant Industry in Gainesville Friday morning. Morris dancing is an English folk style that harkens back to the 15th century. We posted a video clip on our Facebook page, in case you missed it.




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