DPI Diary

May 22, 2015

Here is a summary of social media activities this week at FDACS-DPI. There have been so many!

Florida is a model for other states in fostering cooperation between beekeepers and agricultural producers

inmate beekeeper training 2Florida’s managed bee colonies have increased by more than 145 percent in the last eight years and continue to play a critical role in helping pollinate Florida’s agricultural commodities and stabilizing our state and nation’s food supply. Florida is a model for other states learning how to garner cooperation between beekeepers and agricultural producers for the benefit of both groups, and this news release from FDACS explains why.

Skimmers still a problem

Commissioner of Agriculture Adam H. Putnam continues to warn Floridians of skimmers that the department is continuing to find on gas pumps in the state.Recently, FDACS inspected pumps at more than 7,500 gas stations from Pensacola to Key West and removed 103 credit card skimmers stealing our residents’ and visitors’ hard-earned money. In addition to the statewide sweep, we’re partnering with gas stations to identify ways to prevent this crime. Beware. Here is a article from the Lakeland Ledger that summarizes the problem, which is a statewide issue.

Bug Week at UF-IFAS

AirPotatoBeetle2Bug Week has turned into quite a big social media deal! The event started Monday and will end Saturday. FDACS-DPI social media helped by retweeting and by posting a link to a blog post about the air potato beetle our labs have been rearing and releasing around the state with the goal of eradicating the invasive air potato.

Captain Citrus speaks with the authentic voice of a Florida Citrus Grower

CaptCitrusThe Florida Department of Citrus announced a third comic detailing the further adventures of Captain Citrus has been published. We also learned that the captain speaks in the authentic voice of a Florida citrus grower. Like Captain Citrus, Christian Spinosa grew up on a Central Florida citrus grove. The fifth generation citrus grower works as a production manager for his family’s citrus and cattle company, Dudley Putnam Inc. Read the story of how he was selected to be the voice of Captain Citrus here.  

Reaching out is Rewarding for FDACS Employees

IMG_20150519_122941 (2)Throwback Thursday looked back one week as Ivonne Perez-Suarez, consumer advocate in the FDACS regional office in Miami-Dade County, sent us a note recounting a rewarding experience with a classroom of gifted third graders. Employees of FDACS frequently take time to reach out to members of the public of all ages. Public support and involvement is crucial to our success as we work to protect Florida agriculture from invasive pests and diseases.

Enjoy the holiday!

We hope you enjoy your Memorial Day holiday. We highly recommend Florida sweetcorn, fresh vegetables and delicious guacamole made from Florida avocados. And about those avocados: they are in danger from an invasive beetle. You can help Save the Guac. One way: Don’t Move Firewood when you travel and camp.

Please take time to honor our veterans, and in particular those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.



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