DPI Diary

May 29, 2015

BusyBeeUSFWSA digest of FDACS-DPI social media activities this week


EPA rule would restrict pesticide use in some areas where bees are working

Our tweet linking to an Associated Press article on a proposed federal rule creating temporary pesticide-free zones when certain plants are in bloom and bees owned by professional beekeepers are feeding was widely re-tweeted and favorited. The plan is part of a new multi-part push by the Obama administration to try to reverse dramatic declines in bee populations.

Summer brings special attention to the Don’t Pack a Pest message

Linus suitcaseThe Don’t Pack a Pest program administered by FDACS was spotlighted in a press release this week, in anticipation of increased summer travel. Some media passed along our Don’t Pack a Pest video, as well. If you haven’t seen it, we recommend it to you.

Sturgeon are surgin’ and that’s no joke

Gulf sturgeon are leaping in nine Florida rivers and Florida Fish and Wildlife Service wants boaters to be aware. The armored fish can weigh up to 200 pounds and can severely or fatally injure boaters if they collide with them, mid-air.

Save the Guac. Giant African land snail: Watch for it! Report It . . .

. . .and, of course, Don’t Pack a Pest (see above). Those imperatives are all related to the mission of FDACS-DPI: To protect Florida agriculture from invasive pests and diseases. Save the Guac is a campaign to raise awareness of the  laurel wilt disease and the redbay ambrosia beetle that spreads it to avocados, an important South Florida agricultural product. The Giant African land snail (GALS) eradication program continues to South Florida and all Floridians are asked to watch for these giant snails and report suspects to our Helpline, 888-397-1517. As a matter of fact, you can call our friendly Helpline operators with any questions you have about invasive agricultural pests and diseases.

To your health

Division of Plant Industry personnel were encourage to attend the Health Fair in Gainesville on Thursday. Some staff members manned displays featuring spiders, scorpions, bees and other creatures that can influence human health for better or worse. Our blog post offers some photos of the event.




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