DPI Diary

June 12, 2015

The weather’s heating up and so are our efforts to keep invasive pests at bay. Read about it all in this edition of DPI Diary.

Commissioner vows to continue fight against citrus greening

Division of Plant Industry

Division of Plant Industry

The USDA updated citrus forecast issued this week brought this comment from Commissioner of Agriculture Adam H. Putnam: “While the citrus forecast remains unchanged from the May announcement, which was the lowest in decades, we will continue to fight to save Florida’s signature crop, its more than $10.7 billion economic impact and the more than 64,000 jobs it supports.”

No more guava fruit flies found in Palm Beach County

After finding two male guava fruit flies in Palm Beach County on May 28, Commissioner Adam H. Putnam announced that no additional fruit flies have been found. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services increased trapping following the discovery last week.

Do you subscribe to USDA Week in Review?

This USDA weekly video does a nice job of summarizing some of the grassroots activities taking place in U.S. agriculture. Take four minutes or so and give it a look. (Pay special attention to the middle schoolers snacking on mealworms.)

Bee Research Symposium scheduled for July 15-16

honeybeepollination1Florida’s first ever Bee Research Symposium will be held 15 – 16 July in Gainesville. The meeting will bring together bee researchers from across the state and region to discuss topics related to the study of bees. Presenters must register online, submit an abstract, and indicate whether they want the presentation to be delivered orally or via poster. Observers can register online. Details here.

Plan to attend the South Florida Bee College

Our tweet said it all:

ATTN Beekeepers: South Florida #Bee College Aug. 14-5 at UF Honey Bee Research and Extension Lab, Ft. Lauderdale http://bit.ly/1dwVWC3

Save the Guac . . . made with Florida avocados, of course

GuacSomething else to watch for this month: Florida avocados, and our video showing how to make the best guacamole. Florida ‘cados are making their way to your supermarket and farmers market . .  . and they’re delicious. They are also endangered by the laurel wilt disease, spread by the redbay ambrosia beetle. Help keep the beetle at bay. “Don’t Move Firewood” when you travel or camp.

Linus says “Don’t Pack a Pest”

Linus the Dector DogIt’s vacation season and as you travel internationally, please heed the request of Linus, the agriculture detector dog who is the face of the Don’t Pack a Pest program. Learn about the program and what products are allowed in luggage at www.dontpackapest.com

Video of a “ghastly gastropod”

KillerSnailsOne of our own staff called our attention to a dramatic video by the History Channel that  summarized the FDACS giant African land snail eradication program in South Florida. You can read our comment on the video here. Our inspectors, aided by our canine team, have collected 157,000 snails since they were detected in residential neighborhoods of Miami-Dade County in August 2011, and we continue to rely on the public to watch for suspected snails and report them to our helpline, 1-888-397-1517.

Throwback Thursday very colorful this week

This Thursday we threw our friends and followers a colorful bit of citrus history in the form of the old-fashioned crate labels. During the first half of the century, citrus fruit was shipped in wooden crates and each grower/packer pasted their unique, colorful label on the ends. Those labels are collector’s items now.

CitrusLabelCrackerGirl CitrusLabelFull



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