DPI Diary

July 24, 2015

Twiggy gets a new skin

Twiggy4Spiders make some folks want to jump out of their skins. Today, our office tarantula crawled out of hers. Maybe we were prescient when, Monday, we linked to a time-lapse video potsed by Purdue University that showed one of their tarantulas molting. In case you missed it, read our blog entry here.

Time to update your wildfire action plan

With more than 30 active wildfires burning in Florida, Commissioner of Agriculture Adam H. Putnam is encouraging all Floridians to adopt a year-round wildfire action plan. This has been a dry year in much of the state and the drought in Southeast Florida seems to be worsening.

Tour by Alachua County Extension and IFAS teaches residents about water resources

Kudos to Alachua County Extension office and UF-IFAS. They invited interested residents to participate in a three-day tour focusing on water resources this week. Thursday focused on agriculture and efforts to control runoff and the tour visited a commercial Nursery and an adjoining UF-IFAS cattle facility, both of which lie along a tributary to the Santa Fe River.

Giant African land snails invade Keys in new novel

GALS Billboard2Last weekend a member of our social media team picked up author Tom Dorsey’s newest book, Shark Skin Suite, and on the first page of the first chapter encountered the giant African land snail. Read the blog that resulted, here. wp.me/pVBiK-1m6 Watch for the giant snails and if you see a suspect, detain it without touching it, and call the Helpline, 1-888-397-1517 to get action from our GALS response teams.




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