FDACS Participates in Structural Fumigation Conference

September 1, 2015

8-24-2015 032

Dr. Greg Hodges, Assistant Director, FDACS-DPI, helped guide a tour centered on invasive species.

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services welcomed the annual conference of The Association of Structural Pest Control Regulatory Officials toFort Lauderdale August 22-26.

The professional association is comprised of the structural pest control regulatory officials from the fifty states.

Dr. Lisa Conti, Deputy Commissioner of FDACS, greeted conference-goers, who attended sessions on topics including the role of pesticides, risk communication and the future of applicator certification and training.

8-24-2015 028

Detector Dog Kojak and handler Karen Holton show how packages are searches checked at parcel facilities in Florida.


8-24-2015 004

Detector Dog Raider, with handler Omar Garcia. Raider is specially trained to alert to a single snail species, the invasive giant African land snail.

Dr. Greg Hodges, Assistant Director, and Dr. Tyson Emery, Chief of Plant and Apiary Inspection, both with the Division of Plant Industry, led a tour that centered on invasive species and included demonstrations by two canine teams that specialize in detecting giant African land snails in South Florida and invasive plants, insects and diseases in parcels shipped into Florida.

Dale Dubberly, Chief of Inspection and Incident Response, FDACS, participated in a session on structural fumigation. Jeanette Klopchin, FDACS Agriculture and Environmental Services, served as a facilitator at sessions on pollinators and pollinator protection.



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