Update for Growers: Oriental Fruit Fly Program in Miami-Dade County

September 24, 2015

Oriental Fruit Fly Bactrocera dorsalisCommissioner Putnam reported at the industry meeting on Monday, Sept. 21, that FDACS was working aggressively to obtain Special Local Need approval for voluntary ground spray use of Malathion 8 Aquamil as an option for growers to use in pre-harvest treatment for the Oriental Fruit Fly Eradication Program. The application was accepted, and Malathion 8 Aquamil is now approved as one option for voluntary ground spray in pre-harvest treatment in the quarantine zone, in accordance with your compliance agreement. Our team continues to work with a sense of urgency with EPA to gather the data needed to approve additional crops for use of this product.

Please note, that use of this product is one option as part of pre-harvest treatment in the Oriental Fruit Fly Eradication Program. Organic growers may continue to use G
F-120, which is approved for organic use, and organic grower status will not be compromised.

Other Announcements:

USDA finalized the requirements for movements of fruit fly host material for postharvest treatment at the USDA-approved irradiator in Gulfport, Mississippi. If growers or packers are interested in this option, please contact the DPI Helpline.  1-888-397-1517

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