Oriental Fruit Fly-Aerial Spray update Maps and Q&A

September 29, 2015

(Issued Tuesday, 9/29/2015)

As you are aware, we detected a male Oriental fruit fly Monday outside the core areas where previous flies were found. As a result, the quarantine zone has been expanded, and the duration of the quarantine has been extended to February 5, 2016. The updated map of the quarantine zone can be accessed at the link below.
This morning, we determined it necessary to begin aerial spraying treatment to prevent further spread of and devastation caused by the Oriental fruit fly. Aerial spray treatments will be applied over night as early as Friday, October 2, weather permitting. A map denoting the area that will be sprayed can be accessed at the link below.

The insecticide to be applied is Spinosad, also known as GF-120. It is approved for organic use and is a common ingredient in garden products and veterinary medicines routinely prescribed to pets. Spinosad poses no hazard to people, pets, farm animals or wildlife. We are working to notify individuals who are registered as “chemically sensitive” with the U.S. Department of Health. We are also working to notify beekeepers and will assist them to take measures to ensure the safety of their bees. The spray may leave a sticky residue on homes and cars, which can be removed with water.

Here are additional resources regarding these changes to the Oriental fruit fly eradication program:

Map of updated quarantine zone and planned aerial spray treatment:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding aerial spray treatment:

• FDACS Oriental fruit fly helpline: 1-888-397-1517

• Oriental fruit fly website: www.FreshFromFlorida.com/Orientalfruitfly



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