Oriental Fruit Fly update for 10/1/15

October 2, 2015


Fly Count

Daily Finds on 10/1/15: 0              

Total count to date: 161

Date of first find: Aug. 26, 2015

Date of Last Find: September 28, 2015, Day 3 of no Fruit Flies Found

Estimated end date of quarantine: 02/05/2016 (provided there are no additional finds)

Did Quarantine Area Change?  No

Did Core Area Change? No

Aerial Spraying  Scheduled for Oct. 2, night, weather permitting.  

Access Map here:

Are There Changes to the Pre-Harvest Option?  No  

Oriental Fruit Fly Eradication Program Compliance Agreement sign-up

OFF Homestead Extension Hours: Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays from 3 to 5 p.m.

18710 SW 288th St.

Homestead, FL 33030


Oriental Fruit Fly Eradication Program Information Booth (Weather Permitting)

Tom Thumb Gas Station

Krome Avenue and Eureka

10 to 3 daily (weekends included)

Division of Plant Industry Helpline

Contact us Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m. EST

1-888-397-1517   (352) 395-4600 (Outside North America)



Recent Coverage Regarding Aerial Spraying

  • The state of Florida plans to begin aerial spraying to combat a growing infestation of an aggressive Asian fruit fly in southern Miami-Dade County. Beginning Friday, the state officials plan to spray Spinosad, a common insecticide used in gardening and approved for organic farming. The state had hoped to control the outbreak, the largest ever recorded in Florida, by trapping male flies. But with the number of captured flies climbing to 161 and a quarantine zone expanding to 97-square miles, officials decided deploy their strongest weapon. “I am committed to using every weapon in the arsenal to protect agriculture in Miami-Dade County,” Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam said in a statement that was careful to point out that Spinosad is also used in pet applications. Miami Herald,  Bradenton Herald)


  • Officials plan to combat an infestation of the Asian fruit fly by spraying a portion of Miami-Dade County with Spinosad. The number of captured flies has risen to 161 with a quarantine zone expanding to 97-square-miles. So, beginning Friday, state officials say they’ll douse the area with the common insecticide used in gardening approved for organic farming.  WTVJ



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