DPI Diary

October 9, 2015

Puzzling over Poetry Day

FountainPenThursday was National Poetry Day and we found an entomological connection in what we thought might be the shortest poem in the English languace: “Adam had ’em.” It’s attributed to several authors and if you really care you can read about them here. But now we learn of an even shorter poem, said to be authored by champion heavyweight Muhammad Ali: “Me? Whee!”

Well, gee. Now back to work.

It’s Forest Awareness Month

Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Adam H. Putnam is inviting everyone to get out in the fine fall weather and  explore a Florida state forest during October. There are 37 of them, each a wonderful resource. Details here.

Why Florida’s citrus industry will survive

orangesCitrus greening and other maladies have cast a shadow over Florida’s signature crop. But this article by Frank Giles in Florida Grower cites ten reasons the industry will survive. Well worth reading.

Skimmers at the gas pumps still a danger

The department continues to urge motorists to be wary of using credit cards at gas pumps. Commissioner Putnam warns criminals are still placing “skimmers,” devices that capture consumers’ credit and debit card information, on card readers at the pump. You can help – by working at or with a gas station or convenience store, you can join in the effort to protect Florida’s consumers and visitors. Learn how here.

FDACS Recovers $250,000 for Floridians in September

Division of Plant Industry

Division of Plant Industry

As the state’s clearinghouse for consumer complaints, FDACS works diligently to educate the public, investigate complaints and provide mediation on behalf of consumers. In September, the department:

  • Recovered $250,015 on behalf of Florida consumers;
  • Received 3,888 complaints;
  • Initiated 273 investigations;
  • Arrested 24 individuals;
  • Provided assistance to 25,334 consumers through the 1-800-HELP-FLA hotline, online chats and emails; and
  • Added 15,970 telephone numbers to Florida’s Do Not Call List. Currently, there are more than 870,000 numbers on the list.

And remember. . .

DPI Diary has some recurring themes, in line with the Division of Plant Industry’s mission of protecting Florida agriculture against invasive pests. Please remember, “Save the Guac” by not moving firewood; invasive plants and insects can be transferred when untreated firewood is moved. When you travel internationally, declare agricultural products in your luggage and Don’t Pack a Pest. And, particularly if you are in South Florida, watch for giant African land snails . . . and report suspects to our Helpline, 888-397-1517.



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