DPI Diary

November 20, 2015

Planning holiday travel? Manage your risks.

First of all, Commissioner Putnam is reminding motorists of the continuing danger from skimmers at gas pumps. Skimmers are illegal devices placed in gas pumps by criminals bent on stealing customers’ card information and

Division of Plant Industry

pin numbers. The number of consumers victimized by each skimmer varies between 100 and 5,000, with an average of $1,000 stolen from each victim. Best bet is to pay inside — especially if you are using a credit or debit card – or pay with cash. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services continues to inspect pumps across the state as part of its mission to protect consumers. It is the state’s clearinghouse for consumer complaints, protection and information. Consumers who believe fraud has taken place can call the consumer protection and information hotline at 1-800-HELP-FLA (435-7352). Click here to learn more about the resources available from FDACS.

Don’t Pack a Pest

Our “Don’t Pack a Pest” program continually reminds travelers to declare agricultural items in luggage when they travel internationally. It’s easy to do your part to exclude invasive pests and diseases: As you pack, check www.dontpackapest.com on your laptop or mobile device to learn what you can pack. And also remember, in Florida and elsewhere, Don’t Move Firewood! Buy it where you use it to avoid moving invasive pests and diseases.

DPAP postcard

Just five bucks a head buys your Thanksgiving feast

As you plan your feast, remember State Chef Justin Timineri has posted a wealth of Fresh From Florida recipes at www.FreshFromFlorida.com.

ThanksgivingAnd what is the family feast going to cost? Americans can put a traditional Thanksgiving meal for 10 on the table for about $50, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation’s 30th annual price survey. Farm Bureau says this year’s tab for a home-cooked feast for ten is up 70 cents from last year’s average. John Anderson, an economist for AFBF, said turkeys are selling for about $1.44 per pound, up about 9 cents. “Turkey production is down this year but not dramatically. Our survey shows a modest increase in turkey prices compared to last year. But we’re now starting to see retailers feature turkeys aggressively for the holiday,” he said. (Here in Florida, we are noticing some grocery chains are offering whole turkeys for as little as $5 with purchases of other items.)

Info-bites we came across and shared this week:

  • How old is beekeeping? Bee Culture magazine says British researchers have found evidence of farmers in what is now Turkey using beeswax as far back as 7000 BC. “Now we know that beeswax was used continuously from the seventh millennium BCE, probably as an integral part in different tools, in rituals, cosmetics, medicine, as a fuel or to make receptacles waterproof,” said researcher Alfonso Alday. Read the full article here.
  • ThankfulforCitrusThe folks at “Save Our Citrus” have invited us to join their awareness campaign, so we’ve been posting some reasons we are thankful for citrus. With the beginning of the citrus harvest season, you’re invited to use the hash tag #thankful4citrus to share your videos/photos/posts.

Have a safe and happy holiday, everyone.







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