DPI Diary

December 4, 2015

Update on social media posts and re-posts by FDACS-DPI this week.

Travel tips abound

As the holiday travel season ramps up, we’re continuing to remind international travelers to declare agricultural items in luggage, and we’re pleased our messages are getting retweets, likes and shares. Check www.dontpackapest.com and exclude forbidden items. The website is mobile device-friendly and easy to navigate – a helpful tool for travelers.

We’re also working, along with the national Don’t Move Firewood campaign, to remind RV-ers and campers to buy and burn firewood at their destinations. Moving firewood can also move invasive pests, causing serious threats to agriculture, landscapes, structures and human health. Learn more about one invasive pest in particular that threatens Florida’s avocado crop on our “Save the Guac” page, here.

GALS By the Numbers

GALS Billboard2This week we published updated numbers related to the giant African land snail eradication efforts in South Florida. Thusfar, FDACS teams have collected more than 159,387 of the snails in Miami-Dade and Broward counties. Surveys continue statewide. The snail has not been found anywhere else in Florida — although we encourage all Florida residents to “Watch for it. Report it,” using the toll-free Helpline, 888-397-1517. Learn more about the program here.

Fuchs Inauguration Week

FuchsTractorThe University of Florida has been celebrating President Ken Fuchs’s inauguration this week, and photos make it clear he is president of a land grant university. This photo was posted by UF-IFAS Vice President Jack Payne, whom we enjoy following on Twitter.

A 64-year-old albatross?

Apropos of nothing related to the Division of Plant Industry’s mission, but just doggone interesting, is the news from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service about the world’s oldest banded bird. She’s Wisdom, a 64-year old Laysan albatross. Each year, she returns to nest on Midway Atoll National Wildlife refuge . . . and she’s apparently not ready to retire from nesting. USFWS reports she has laid an egg. More here.


Wisdom minds an egg. (Photo courtesy of US Fish and Wildlife Service)




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