DPI Diary

January 8, 2016

Our social media posts cover a wide range of topics. For some reason, though, we concentrated on beans this week.

First of all, though, “Welcome, Farmers!”

To the thousands of farmers from all over the U.S. and Puerto Rico who are gathering in Orlando for the American Farm Bureau Federation annual meeting: Welcome to the Sunshine State. Florida has the honor of hosting the AFB every decade or so and we hope you enjoy your visit. The convention begins today and extends through Tuesday, January 12.

We started the new year posting about food.

After all, our mission at the FDACS Division of Plant Industry is to protect Florida agriculture from invasive pests and diseases.

And so, we’re celebrating the Fresh From Florida green bean


Florida green beans — snap beans, if you prefere — are in abundance right now and we’ve passed along some bean fascinating bean facts. Such as: Florida ranks first nationally in the production acreage and total value of fresh market snap beans. And: Miami-Dade County is home to 63 percent of the 36,400 acres of beans planted in Florida. We posted these facts on Bean Day.

Did you know there is a National Bean Day?


Gregor Mendel

It’s January 6, according to the National Day Calendar. Why January 6? Experts aren’t sure, but it does coincide with the death of Gregor Mendel on that day in 1884. Mendel is credited by many for laying the base of modern genetics.

Chef Justin has a recipe for that. Many, actually.

State Chef Justin Timineri has made our FDACS website a treasure trove of recipes for Fresh From Florida products, and we particularly liked this one for Florida Snap Beans with Caramelized Onions and Mushrooms. Just the thing when there’s a chill in the air.

Find more special days here.

If you have time to explore — and if you care to — there are special days in abundance on the National Day Calendar. For example, today, Friday, January 8, is National Bubble Bath Day, National Argyle Day, National Joygerm Day and National English Toffee Day.

Have a great weekend, everybody.





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