DPI Diary

February 12, 2016


Have a happy Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s is a day when it’s important to do things right, and our White-and-Dark-Chocolate-Mousse-with-Florida-Strawberries_recipeFLDPI Blog is helping. We’re posting a series of entries that will help you decorate, celebrate and dine using Fresh From Florida products. (Watch for the postings on Facebook and Twitter.) Meanwhile, Fresh From Florida says Florida strawberries are a perfect fruit for the day. (After all, if you cut them right, each slice makes a sweet little red-and-white heart.)


Visualizing the value of Florida crops

We really like this visual from the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service, reposted by our friends at the Florida Fruit and Vegetable Association. You can see at a glance the value of Florida’s top 10 fall and winter fruit and vegetable crops.

But . . . South Florida farmers are not having a good season

SFlaFlood“My field of salad greens was under three inches of water. They don’t swim well.”

That’s a Florida farmer quoted in this article by the News-Press. Heavy rains have swamped crop production on many South Florida farms. In fact, at least 23 crops are behind last year’s production.  The crop losses are increasing cost of fresh fruits and vegetables to consumers.

“We’re currently in communication with the South Florida Management District, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and others to monitor the situation and provide support to the impacted communities as needed,” said commissioner of Agriculture Adam H. Putnam.

Deformed wing virus in the news

AIHA0005 trucks with beehivesMedia reports stemming from a recently published scientific paper blame human movement of bees for spreading the deformed wing virus, which is a major contributor to colony collapse. With hundreds of loads of bees leaving Florida to pollinate California almonds, we talked about the issue with State Apiarist David Westervelt. Read our post here.

What’s that plant? This bug?

Did you know you can submit a plant or insect, spider, snail or other related invertebrate to FDACS-DPI for identification? It’s easy and we’ve even posted videos on our website explaining how. Here’s the link to the page

Been to the fair yet?

InsectEncounter2015This is the last weekend for the Florida State Fair in Tampa.

When you visit, be sure to drop by the Insect Encounters in the Ag Hall of Fame Building. Our scientists and inspectors are at the display and eager to engage with you on all insect issues.



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